RepuTex Advisory services provide public and private sector clients with tailored research solutions across the Australian energy and emissions markets.

Our analysis enables traders, strategy teams and policymakers to build a long-term view of the market, supporting decision making, while providing on-demand access to our underlying supply-demand, cost and energy market models.

We have extensive experience working across the National Electricity Market (NEM), Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) and national climate policy mechanisms, including the ERF-Safeguard Mechanism, and related themes. Our recent projects include:

Public Sector –
Renewable energy
RepuTex was engaged by a state department to undertake analysis of renewable energy purchasing under a series of Large-scale Generation Certificate (LGC) prices and renewable energy target (RET) scenarios. Analysis has supported the development of new procurement policy and informed a review of energy productivity and climate policy.
Power generator –
MAC analysis
RepuTex has undertaken analysis of the greenhouse gas abatement potential and cost per tonne of emissions reductions over time across the Australian economy through to 2020 and 2030. Analysis focused on the Australian power sector, plus industrial sectors, forestry, buildings, agriculture and transport.
Industry group –
Technology analysis
RepuTex has worked closely with one of Australia’s largest industry groups to analyse what technologies currently exist in the market that will enable major carbon emitting sectors in Australia to reduce emissions, which of these technologies will be mature enough to be commercially available by 2030 and which technologies Australia should look to prioritise.
Multiple clients –
ERF Auctions
RepuTex has worked with land-use and industrial clients to simulate the operation of forthcoming Emissions Reduction Fund auctions, enabling customers to optimise their ERF bidding strategies, and understand bidder behaviour across the market in line with supply, cost and price dynamics.
Multiple clients –
Emissions Targets
RepuTex has undertaken analysis for public and private sector clients to analyse the long-term impact of a 1.5-2 degree warming target, including analysis of Australia’s carbon budget and implications for key sectors including power, oil and gas, mining, metals and land-use, including reforestation and land-clearing.
Multiple clients –
MAC analysis
RepuTex’s Marginal Abatement Cost (MAC) analysis has been utilised by a range of organisations including high emitting companies, professional services firms, industry bodies, state and federal government departments and agencies.
Industry group –
Electricity demand
RepuTex has undertaken modelling for energy and manufacturing industry bodies to analyse the potential impact of energy efficiency policy on demand, fossil fuel and renewables generation and electricity prices.
Renewable energy
RepuTex has undertaken analysis of the LRET market, in particular the impact of policy scenarios on LGC prices and renewable energy output, including the relationship between LGC prices and renewable generation, the impact of volatility in LGC prices on renewable generation and marginal abatement costs.

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