• INSIGHTS: So what is the current Australian carbon spot price?

    As the federal election draws closer, considerable attention is being paid to the ALP’s proposed Safeguard Mechanism amendment, which proposes to tighten emissions limits for high emitting industrial facilities via […]

  • INSIGHTS: Inside the ALP’s Climate Policy – Implications for the Safeguard 2.0 market

    The ALP today released its “Climate Change Action Plan” policy, designed to establish a framework to meet Australia’s long-term emissions reduction obligations. The cornerstone of the policy is the extension […]

  • WEBINAR: An Australian carbon price under Safeguard 2.0 – What, when, how much?

    Dear Subscriber, Thanks for your interest in today’s webinar, discussing the current Australian carbon price, and what the market look like under the ALP’s re-worked “Safeguard Mechanism 2.0”. Please view the […]

  • Electrifying Victoria: The impact of election policy on wholesale prices

    In the absence of a robust federal energy and climate policy framework, Australian states and territories continue to play an important role in shaping Australia’s energy transition. Ahead of the […]

  • UPDATE: The impact of a 26-45% NEG target on electricity prices to 2030

    Modelling indicates that increased ambition under the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) will place downward pressure on wholesale electricity prices in the National Electricity Market (NEM) through to 2030. Under the […]

  • INSIGHTS: So what is the current Australian carbon price?

    As the design of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) passes another milestone, and the seventh Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) auction draws closer, in this update we take a closer look […]

  • ARTICLE: Measuring the cost of a 2°C target under the Paris Agreement

    Background In becoming a signatory to the Paris Agreement, the federal government has accepted the risk of a significant future liability as Australia begins to transform its economy. At the […]

  • WEBINAR: Measuring the cost of a 2°C target under the Paris Agreement

    This event has now taken place. To access the webinar slides, refer to the Downloads box below. What is the cost of meeting a 2°C target under the Paris Agreement, […]

  • A closer look at the 2030 RepuTex Energy & Climate Policy Tool

    RepuTex recently released a new online tool, the RepuTex Energy and Climate Policy (ECP) Tool, enabling users to construct a policy pathway to meet Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction target. As […]

  • Beware the “bid plateau” at ERF III – The risk of ‘bidding the average price’

    While on the surface, the first two ERF auctions appeared to be similar – contracting a comparable amount of ACCUs for a similar amount of money – analysis indicates that […]

  • Introducing the RepuTex ERF Auction Simulation Tool

    RepuTex’s proprietary ERF Auction Simulation Tool replicates the operation of the ERF reverse auction bidding system by modelling a series of auction scenarios and sensitivities, arriving at our upper and lower pricing bounds […]

  • TALKING POINTS: Spotting the Price After the First ERF auction

    The Clean Energy Regulator has maintained a laissez-faire approach to the Emissions Reduction Fund by limiting price transparency as it seeks to foster a ‘competitive’ market – albeit by undercutting […]