• UPDATE: The Price of Emissions Growth – Accounting to 2020

    The government’s revised emissions projections, to be released next week, are expected to indicate that Australia’s abatement challenge has again fallen, with Greg Hunt commenting that Australia’s abatement task is […]

  • UPDATE: The Road to 2030 – The Shift from Fugitives & Coal-gen

    Despite adopting a ‘soft’ emissions target in comparison to its global peers, the Australian economy will still be required to undergo a significant transition in order to meet the government’s […]

  • UPDATE: Riding the ACCU Wave at ERF Auction II

    The Clean Energy Regulator recently announced that the second Emissions Reduction Fund auction (ERF II) will take place on November 4 and 5, in approximately 10 weeks. The ‘cut-off’ date […]

  • UPDATE: ERF Safeguards – Toothless Tiger or Hidden Dragon?

    Prior to the announcement of Australia’s new post-2020 emissions reduction target – and the release of updated rules for the government’s ERF Safeguard Mechanism – in this Update we analyse […]

  • UPDATE: Australia’s Post-2020 Emissions Task – The Hard Road?

    Pledging Australia to an emissions target of between 24-28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2025 – emulating the targets of the United States and Canada – would signal a […]

  • MARKET UPDATE: Goodbye ERF price cap, hello “floating” price?

    The Clean Energy Regulator has noted a preference for the next ERF auction to take place when a minimum number of bidders are registered to supply enough abatement to ensure […]

  • IN FOCUS: Aligning the ERF with the Safeguards Mechanism

    The government may consider amendments to the proposed safeguard mechanism in order to better align the scheme with the Emissions Reduction Fund by ensuring that emissions reductions purchased from industry […]

  • MARKET UPDATE: Emissions Policy Confidence, or Complacency?

    Given lower than expected historical emissions, Australia will be able to increase its emissions from 2014 levels and still meet its target for the second commitment period (CP2) of the […]

  • MARKET UPDATE: Gaming the ERF? The role of “Bid-shading”

    While the ERF was developed with the intention of purchasing abatement at ‘least cost’, in practice, businesses have a clear incentive to inflate their bids well above the cost of […]

  • MARKET UPDATE: An updated MAC curve for Australia to 2030

    With the government’s Direct Action Plan now enacted, and Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction target to be presented in the first half of the year, in this Market Update, we provide […]

  • MARKET UPDATE: Setting the ERF Benchmark Price

    The key issue for many proponents in deciding whether to participate in the government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) will be the price that the Regulator is willing to pay for […]

  • MARKET UPDATE: The ERF in Focus: “Who Dares, Wins” in 2015

    In our Market Update for November, we take an in-focus look at the ERF in 2015, along with expectations for industry participation in the new scheme. While existing CFI proponents […]

  • MARKET UPDATE: Momentum for ‘new deal’ on Direct Action

    Following the release of Senator Xenophon’s proposed changes to the CFI Amendment Bill, the Palmer Untied Party (PUP) continues to progress in its own negotiations with the Coalition, with an […]

  • MARKET UPDATE: Re-thinking the Direct Action Plan

    A new study from market analysts, RepuTex, indicates that Australia’s 5 per cent emissions reduction target may be within reach for the government’s Direct Action Plan, with amendments proposed by […]

  • MARKET UPDATE: The End is the Beginning for Climate Policy?

    With the carbon tax repeal set to progress, Clive Palmer’s alternate Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) unlikely to commence until later in the decade – if at all – and the […]