• WEBINAR: An Australian carbon price under Safeguard 2.0 – What, when, how much?

    Dear Subscriber, Thanks for your interest in today’s webinar, discussing the current Australian carbon price, and what the market look like under the ALP’s re-worked “Safeguard Mechanism 2.0”. Please view the […]

  • WEBINAR: Outlook for ACCU Supply and Prices in Australia to 2030

    What is the shape of the local offset market? As discussion increases over the role of domestic and international carbon credits under the NEG and safeguard mechanism, in this webinar, […]

  • WEBINAR: Measuring the cost of a 2°C target under the Paris Agreement

    What is the cost of meeting a 2°C target under the Paris Agreement, and which sectors will do the heavy lifting? Join us to discuss the findings of our recent […]

  • WEBINAR: Australia’s Future Energy Pathway – The new shape of the NEM to 2030

    “The traditional view of the NEM – underpinned by cheap coal and flexible gas fired power – is a thing of the past.” In this webinar, we go behind the […]

  • What’s in store for the third Emissions Reduction Fund auction?

    While the second Emissions Reduction Fund auction had potential to be much larger than the first, high competition led to only 1 in 3 projects successfully winning contracts, with larger […]

  • WEBINAR: What’s in store for the second ERF auction?

    This webinar has now taken place. To access the slides for this presentation, please login and click the links below. Ahead of the second ERF auction, analysis indicates that a […]

  • WEBINAR: ERF Fundamentals – Where to for abatement prices?

    This webinar has now taken place. To access the slides for this presentation, please click the links below. As we outlined in our latest Market Outlook, we again forecast considerable […]

  • WEBINAR: A Cautionary Tale – Bidders sold themselves short?

    This webinar has now taken place. To access a video recording and the slides for this presentation, please login and click the links below. In this webinar, we discuss our […]

  • WEBINAR: Re-thinking the Direct Action Plan

    Last week, RepuTex released its Market Update for August, analysing the potential impact of amendments to the government’s Direct Action Plan as proposed by Senator Nick Xenophon, along with RepuTex. […]

  • Webinar – Abatement Supply and ERF Auction Prices

    Please note: this webinar has taken place. Please access the webinar slides via the downloads box below. This webinar will present highlights from RepuTex’s November Market Update, titled ‘Australia Abatement […]

  • Recalibrating Direct Action – Webinar Slides

    As industry consultation commences on Direct Action, in this webinar we discuss the key components of the Direct Action Plan and the potential consequences should amendments be made to the […]

  • Webinar – Sectoral Impacts of the Coalition’s Direct Action Plan

    This webinar will present findings from RepuTex’s recent study on the Coalition’s Direct Action Plan. The study, commissioned by WWF-Australia, analyses the impact of Direct Action on industry abatement, along […]