• RECORDING: Scenarios for ACCU offset prices by 2030 under net-zero emissions

    In this event, we discuss the outcomes of our latest quarterly outlook for Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) prices, supply and demand from 2021-30, including scenarios for the adoption of […]

  • WEBINAR: Wholesale electricity price forecast for the National Electricity Market

    In this event, we discuss the outcomes of our latest quarterly Australian Electricity Outlook (AEO) for medium- and long-term wholesale price development in each region of the National Electricity Market […]

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    Dear Subscriber, Thanks for your interest in today’s webinar, discussing the current Australian carbon price, and what the market look like under the ALP’s re-worked “Safeguard Mechanism 2.0”. Please view the […]

  • WEBINAR: Measuring the cost of a 2°C target under the Paris Agreement

    This event has now taken place. To access the webinar slides, refer to the Downloads box below. What is the cost of meeting a 2°C target under the Paris Agreement, […]

  • WEBINAR: Levelised cost of firm power – The new shape of the NEM to 2030

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  • What’s in store for the third Emissions Reduction Fund auction?

    While the second Emissions Reduction Fund auction had potential to be much larger than the first, high competition led to only 1 in 3 projects successfully winning contracts, with larger […]