• ARTICLE: Measuring the cost of a 2°C target under the Paris Agreement

    Background In becoming a signatory to the Paris Agreement, the federal government has accepted the risk of a significant future liability as Australia begins to transform its economy. At the […]

  • ARTICLE: A cost curve for abatement & energy storage in the Australian power sector

    A quantitative study of emissions reductions in the Australian electricity sector, and the “full cost” for renewables to provide reliable energy supply, including energy storage technologies. To meet its current […]

  • A closer look at the 2030 RepuTex Energy & Climate Policy Tool

    RepuTex recently released a new online tool, the RepuTex Energy and Climate Policy (ECP) Tool, enabling users to construct a policy pathway to meet Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction target. As […]

  • White Paper: Framing Australia’s Energy & Climate Policy to 2030

    Following the release of the Climate Change Authority’s Special Review, which proposed a ‘toolkit’ of measures to meet Australia’s emissions target – but made few detailed recommendations – in this […]

  • Introducing the RepuTex ERF Auction Simulation Tool

    RepuTex’s proprietary ERF Auction Simulation Tool replicates the operation of the ERF reverse auction bidding system by modelling a series of auction scenarios and sensitivities, arriving at our upper and lower pricing bounds […]