• ALERT: COVID-19 service continuity and client support information

    Dear Subscriber, As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we will continue to provide our regular research services and ongoing access to our client platforms. Our research and support functions remain operational […]

  • ALERT: Inclusion of “Step Change” scenario in Australian Electricity Outlook service

    Dear Subscriber, Following the release of AEMO’s draft 2020 Integrated System Plan, the Alternative Case within our Australian Electricity Outlook (AEO) for wholesale electricity prices in each region of the […]

  • Service Alert: Update to the RepuTex Connect client platform

    Dear Subscriber, RepuTex recently released an update for its REPUTEX CONNECT client portal, providing a new home for our Australian electricity and carbon price insights. RepuTex Connect brings together our […]

  • UPDATE: Uptick in volumes expected at sixth Emissions Reduction Fund auction

    RepuTex today published its Outlook for the sixth ERF auction, to be held on December 6-7. In line with auction five, we believe negative sentiment will again undermine the sixth […]

  • ALERT: Update to Marginal Abatement Cost (MAC) curve content (.XLS)

    Dear Subscriber, We have published a series of updates to our marginal abatement cost curve posts. The below posts have been updated: Abatement cost curve (MAC) MAC – Sectoral MAC […]

  • ALERT: Release of ERF Auction Five ACCU Price Outlook

    Dear Subscriber, We have published our pricing outlook for the fifth Emissions Reduction Fund auction. To access this Auction Outlook, please click here >> Findings are drawn from our ERF Auction […]

  • Service Alert: Energy & Climate Policy (ECP) Tool updates

    Dear subscriber, We have published the following updates to our RepuTex Connect platform: RepuTex 2030 Energy & Climate Policy (ECP) Tool updates The following updates have been made to our […]

  • Service Alert: Release of ERF Auction Four Outlook

    Dear subscriber, We have published our outlook for the fourth Emissions Reduction Fund auction. Analysis models nine scenarios for the fourth ERF auction, enabling proponents to better understand how auction […]

  • Service Alert: Update of ACCU Supply & Project Pipeline

    Dear subscriber, We have published an update to our “ACCU Supply Pipeline” and our “ERF Project Pipeline” posts. As of November 7, 290 projects are eligible to participate in the […]

  • WEBINAR: Aligning emissions baselines with Australia’s 2030 target

    We are pleased to invite you to join the below free event: Following the release of our White Paper, “Framing Australia’s Energy & Climate Policy to 2030”, in this webinar, […]

  • Service Alert: Release of RepuTex Energy and Climate Policy (ECP) Tool

    RepuTex today announced the release of a new online tool, the RepuTex Energy and Climate Policy (ECP) Tool, enabling business and policymakers to construct their own policy pathway to meet […]

  • Service Alert: Release of new “RepuTex Connect” client portal

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new “RepuTex Connect” client portal, which brings together our latest research insights, forecasts & data in one integrated platform. The new-look […]

  • Notice of Product Change: “Research Insights” Subscription

    Notice of Product Change: “Research Insights” Subscription Please note that we will soon be re-structuring our Research Insights service. From February, RepuTex’s flagship “Carbon Market Update” publication will be added […]