• MARKET UPDATE: Gaming the ERF? The role of “Bid-shading”

    While the ERF was developed with the intention of purchasing abatement at ‘least cost’, in practice, businesses have a clear incentive to inflate their bids well above the cost of […]

  • MARKET TRACKER: ACCU issuance tumbles in February

    MARKET OVERVIEW As the first Emissions Reduction Fund auction approaches on April 15-16, a number of new methods have been finalised for industry, however, to date there have been no […]

  • ANALYST UPDATE: First ERF auction delay buys time

    REPUTEX ANALYSIS, February 13 2015 – The Clean Energy Regulator today announced a delay for the first Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) auction – previously expected to take place in March […]

  • MARKET TRACKER: 2.7 million ACCUs injected into market (.XLS)

    MARKET OVERVIEW In line with expectations, Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) supply grew significantly over the January reporting period, with a 116 per cent increase in supply, driven by momentum […]

  • BRIEFING: Energy efficiency to drive emissions cuts, shape ERF

    Analysis indicates that energy efficiency activities will play the largest role in reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, contributing over 40 per cent of all emissions abatement in the Australian economy […]