About RepuTex

RepuTex is Australia’s leading energy and carbon advisory firm. Established in 1999, our modelling and market forecasts provide a key reference point for governments, investors and market participants active in the Australian renewable energy, power and emissions markets.

We specialise in independent modelling and pricing analysis across the National Electricity Market (NEM) and carbon contract markets. In doing so, we draw on our advanced analytics and simulation models to provide a detailed view of the impact of new investment, policy and technology on future market dynamics and price formation. Our energy and carbon market modelling helps companies to better quantify their future operating environments as the energy transformation continues to gain momentum. With a deeper understanding of future costs and opportunities, our customers are able to more intelligently prepare for, and respond to, changing market dynamics.

We work with over 150 customers across Australia and Asia-Pacific, including governments and policymakers, regulators, market participants, project developers and investors. Within these firms, we work with a range of groups – including commercial and market analysts, traders, policy officers, risk and corporate finance teams.

RepuTex has offices in Melbourne and Hong Kong, supported by a team of analysts with backgrounds in energy commodities, meteorology, system analysis and mathematics. The company is a winner of the China Light and Power-Australia China Business Award for research across Asia-Pacific.

Our specific service streams include:

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To learn more about our electricity and carbon market services please click here to email our Client Services team, or contact our Melbourne office  via +61 3 9600 0990.