About RepuTex

RepuTex is the leading provider of price information, analysis and advisory services for the Australian carbon and electricity commodity markets.

Established in 1999, our market data and advice has been at the forefront of energy and climate thinking for over two decades, with a history of providing trusted forward-looking market intelligence to key trading, strategy and policy decision makers.

Our work has supported major policy and market developments, including:

  • Australia’s 43% emissions target and Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC);
  • Australia’s 82% renewable energy target and Australia’s Powering Australia Plan;
  • numerous state emissions targets and policy levers across the electricity, industrial, transport, agriculture and land-use sectors;
  • the design of Australia’s Safeguard Mechanism reform;
  • the implementation of the Independent Review of Australian Carbon Credit Units (known as the Chubb Review);
  • the development of Australia’s carbon exchange; and
  • the placement of over $350 million of investment in the Australian carbon sector via private equity and pension funds.

RepuTex is based in Melbourne, with a team of analysts with backgrounds in energy commodities, policy and regulation, engineering, mathematics and modelling. The company is a winner of the China Light and Power-Australia China Business Award for energy and climate research across Asia-Pacific.

We have 1,000+ users of our EnergyIQ platform from over 150 companies, among them the world’s most active traders and market participants, including high emitting companies (voluntary and compliance), large energy users, project developers, investment funds, physical traders, and state and federal policymakers.

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