About RepuTex

RepuTex is Australia’s leading energy analytics firm, providing in-depth modelling, pricing and policy analysis for the local renewable energy, power and emissions markets.

Since 1999, our energy insights have become a key reference point for the market, providing our customers with an advanced perspective on the impact of new forces – such as renewable penetration, new energy storage technology and emissions contracting – on price formation and market development. In doing so, we make use of proprietary tools and models to help our customers to understand deeper pricing trends – at a site, region and market level.

We have worked with over 150 customers across Australia and the Asia-Pacific, including large energy users and emitters, offtakers and project developers, financials and government departments & agencies.

RepuTex has offices in Melbourne and Hong Kong, supported by a team of analysts with backgrounds in econometrics, statistics, commodities and policy. The company is a winner of the China Light and Power-Australia China Business Award for research across Asia-Pacific.

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To learn more about our energy and carbon market services please click here, or contact RepuTex Client Services team via +61 3 9600 0990.