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Understand where the Australian carbon market is, where it is going, and how you fit in…

RepuTex forecasts and analysis have been at the forefront of Australian energy and climate change thinking for over two decades, with a strong history of providing trusted, data-driven analysis for public and private sector customers.

We provide three key services for local market stakeholders:


RepuTex’s Carbon and Climate Change modelling team has a recognised capability in the analysis of markets and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including cap and trade, reverse auction, green certificate and incentive schemes.

Our advisory services have been undertaken for Australia’s largest emitting companies, offset developers, and state and federal governments, covering a range of themes, including policy design and scenario analysis, one-off market analysis and price forecasts, marginal abatement cost (MAC) analysis, training workshops and briefings, due diligence and transaction support.



We provide complete transaction support for companies seeking to offset their emissions and procure carbon credits, including local ACCU offsets and LGCs, or international CERs and other voluntary emissions reduction (VER) units.

We combine our unique knowledge of carbon markets, project development, and offset price dynamics to allow our customers to efficiently manage their carbon exposure, helping to structure transactions that balance short-term costs and voluntary emissions reduction objectives with longer-term regulatory risks and potential forward pricing implications.

In doing so, we draw on our relationships with local project developers, and our vast experience in the forecasting of carbon price dynamics, helping decision makers to formulate a short- and long-term view of the Australian carbon market, and optimise their risk management solutions.



Our Carbon Market Intelligence (CMI) service represents the most complete data and analysis package available for Australian carbon market participants, providing in-depth coverage of daily ACCU spot prices, critical market data, long-term price forecasts (and policy scenarios), and our leading commentary and analysis.

Published via the RepuTex Connect web platform, key deliverables include:

  • Spot price information – Daily spot price assessments for Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU), along with ERF contract prices, European Union Allowances (EUAs), Large-scale generation certificates (LGCs), relevant international offsets and VERs
  • Price forecasts – Forecast ACCU contract prices to 2030-50, including scenarios for the scale-up of Australia’s emissions reduction target to net-zero (1.5-2 degrees) under the Paris Agreement.
  • Supply-demand dynamics – Analysis of carbon market fundamentals including supply and demand forecasts, informing our proprietary forecasts for annual and cumulative market balance and ACCU price dynamics.
  • Marginal Abatement Costs (MAC) – Marginal abatement costs and emission reduction volumes for over 150 activities across 10 economic sectors, helping to inform the cost of greenhouse gas abatement activity across the economy, and potential impacts on internal-external (offset) abatement dynamics.
  • Commentary & Analysis – Regular reports, including our Analyst Alerts, Market Updates and Carbon Quarterly outlooks, keeping you informed of our latest market expectations.
  • Access to Analysts – Open access to our analysts to discuss our research outcomes or regular private briefings on expected market dynamics.


To learn more about our CMI service, and our bespoke advisory services, click the button below, or contact our Client Services team by email.


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