Carbon Advisory

Independent modelling and analysis for the Australian carbon market.


RepuTex is a leading provider of independent modelling services for the Australian carbon market, providing detailed insights to inform policy & market design, carbon pricing (offsets, compliance), greenhouse gas abatement costs, technology and sector-specific corridors.

Our market modelling and analysis has become a key reference point for the market, providing decision makers with comprehensive information to help formulate a short- and long-term view of Australian emissions and market dynamics. We have worked with over 150 customers including governments, investors, project developers and market participants.

Based in Melbourne, our carbon research team includes experts with long-standing experience in areas such as energy markets, policy development, mathematics and economic modelling, forecasting and risk management.


Marginal abatement cost (MAC) modelling

We have an extensive track record assisting private and public sector clients to identify lowest cost emissions reduction opportunities and understand the changing impact of technology scenarios on Australia’s net-zero emissions future, including technology and sector-specific MAC studies and scenario & probability simulations for the impact of new technologies on marginal abatement costs (as the uptake of Negative Emissions Technologies, hydrogen economy, etc). To learn more about our marginal abatement cost analysis, click here.

Carbon pricing

Carbon pricing forms key part of RepuTex’s expertise: We regularly work with governments and industry to provide long term scenarios for the tradable price of carbon (offsets and compliance) and internal (shadow) carbon price scenarios, including sectoral and economy-wide price corridors (the price needed to meet a decarbonisation target), and least cost price scenarios (accounting for the use of external abatement/offsets).

Policy & market design

We have advised governments and industry on the design and impact of carbon market policy in both Australia (state and federal) and China, relying on our analytical and modelling capability to provide detailed insights on the cost and efficiency of schemes, greenhouse gas emissions abatement, carbon price and market operation implications, and scenario planning.


Research Insights

Our Research Insights service helps stakeholders to monitor the latest developments and trends impacting the Australian carbon market. The service encompasses our reports and publications – such as our Analyst Alerts, our flagship Market Update reports, and our Carbon Quarterly market commentary – providing regular analysis of the current value of carbon units, and the key issues impacting future market development.

Market Intelligence

Our Market Intelligence service represents the most complete data and analysis package available for Australian carbon market participants. The service provides in-depth coverage of local price forecasts and scenarios, supply-demand fundamentals, market balance and sectoral abatement costs. All data is available in downloadable form, and is supported by our leading research insights service and direct access to our analysts.


To learn more about our carbon market services please contact RepuTex Client Services team via +61 3 9600 0990 or email

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