• UPDATE: Could LGCs deliver least cost carbon abatement for state policy design?

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    The 2019 federal election has been run and won, with the energy policy status quo set to remain in effect following the fulfilment of the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET). […]

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    As the federal election draws closer, considerable attention is being paid to the ALP’s proposed Safeguard Mechanism amendment, which proposes to tighten emissions limits for high emitting industrial facilities via […]

  • ALERT: Access our new RepuTex CONNECT customer platform

    Dear Subscriber, RepuTex recently released an update to its CONNECT platform, providing customers with daily ACCU spot price information, and ACCU price forecasts to 2030, along with broader pricing coverage […]

  • UPDATE: Running to stand still – Industry baselines under the Safeguard Mechanism

    A critical component of both the ALP and Coalition climate policy frameworks is the ‘Safeguard Mechanism’, requiring around 300 of Australia’s largest emitting industrial facilities (excluding the generation sector) to […]

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    The ALP today released its “Climate Change Action Plan” policy, designed to establish a framework to meet Australia’s long-term emissions reduction obligations. The cornerstone of the policy is the extension […]

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    In late February the Australian Government announced an additional $2 billion in funding for the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), rebranding the scheme the Climate Solutions Fund (CSF). The additional funding […]

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    Dear Subscriber, Thanks for your interest in today’s webinar, discussing the current Australian carbon price, and what the market look like under the ALP’s re-worked “Safeguard Mechanism 2.0”. Please view the […]

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    The ALP is expected to announce a plan to tighten the government’s safeguard mechanism framework, requiring Australia’s largest emitting industrial companies to reduce emissions to meet a 45% economy-wide emissions […]

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    The Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has released strengthened policy guidance for high emitting projects to offset greenhouse gas emissions. RepuTex was engaged to model the ‘price’ and ‘type’ […]