• Average price likely to fall at third ERF auction, yet upside potential remains

    RepuTex today released its outlook for the third Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) auction, presenting our ‘reference case’ estimates in line with our ERF Auction Simulation Tool. 290 projects are currently […]

  • ERF price simulations

    Ahead of each ERF auction, RepuTex presents its forward looking simulations of auction price outcomes. Findings are drawn from our ERF Auction Simulation Tool, which simulates reverse auction process by […]

  • Beware the “bid plateau” at ERF III – The risk of ‘bidding the average price’

    While on the surface, the first two ERF auctions appeared to be similar – contracting a comparable amount of ACCUs for a similar amount of money – analysis indicates that […]

  • What’s in store for the third Emissions Reduction Fund auction?

    While the second Emissions Reduction Fund auction had potential to be much larger than the first, high competition led to only 1 in 3 projects successfully winning contracts, with larger […]

  • Introducing the RepuTex ERF Auction Simulation Tool

    RepuTex’s proprietary ERF Auction Simulation Tool replicates the operation of the ERF reverse auction bidding system by modelling a series of auction scenarios and sensitivities, arriving at our upper and lower pricing bounds […]

  • A 9-12 month ‘demand gap’ likely in Australia as uncertainty grows

    Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, speaking to The Australian on Monday, stated that the budget allocation for the government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) would not be extended beyond the initial $2.55 […]

  • ALERT: Looking ahead to ERF III – Powering up…or Down?

    On Friday, Environment Minister Greg Hunt announced that the third Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) auction will be held on April 27-28, with the Clean Energy Regulator also announcing that auction […]

  • UPDATE: Behind the numbers – a closer look at ERF auction II

    The Clean Energy Regulator yesterday published its results for the second Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) auction, with the Regulator contracting 45,451,010 million tonnes (Mt) of abatement at an average price […]

  • ANALYST ALERT: Bidding set to begin at second ERF auction

    Bidding will open on Wednesday for the second Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) auction, which will run from November 4-5, operated by the Clean Energy Regulator. Below, we outline our expectations […]

  • IN FOCUS: What could be the impact of the variable auction rule at ERF II

    The Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) Auction Guidelines recently released by the Clean Energy Regulator contained a new rule guiding how much abatement the CER may buy at the second ERF […]

  • ON POINT: CER seeks to tighten ERF spread…Friday night lights.

    Last Friday saw the late release of a series of reports, including new Auction Guidelines ahead of the next Emissions Reduction Fund auction in November, the release of the Review […]

  • UPDATE: Riding the ACCU Wave at ERF Auction II

    The Clean Energy Regulator recently announced that the second Emissions Reduction Fund auction (ERF II) will take place on November 4 and 5, in approximately 10 weeks. The ‘cut-off’ date […]