About RepuTex

RepuTex is Australia’s leading energy and emissions advisory firm, providing in-depth analysis of the local carbon, electricity and renewable energy markets. With over 150 customers in Asia-Pacific, RepuTex works with a diverse range of public and private sector customers, including Power, Energy, Metals & Mining and Industrial companies, Project Developers, Land-use, Financials, Government departments and agencies.

RepuTex has a depth of expertise in energy & climate policy and market analysis, utilising our proprietary models to help companies and governments to analyse the economic impacts of Australia’s low carbon transition, and the influence of policy on market supply-demand and pricing dynamics.

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RepuTex has offices in Melbourne and Hong Kong, supported by a team of analysts with backgrounds in economics, commodities, policy and energy markets. The company was the 2012 winner of the China Light and Power-Australia China Business Award for excellence across Australia-Pacific.

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