Energy & Emissions Model (A-EEM)

RepuTex’s Australian Energy and Emissions Model (A-EEM) is our flagship model for Australian sectora lemissions ,and is subject to ongoing updates and validation.

A-EEM is comprised of three sub-sector models for the power, industrial, and land-use sectors, producing output and emissions forecasts for the Australian market through to 2030-50. Our A-EEM model allows the user to adjust underlying forecast assumptions in order to measure the distribution of the emissions reduction effort across the economy under a range of policy and market settings.

Diagram 1: RepuTex Australian Energy and Emissions Model (A-EEM) schematic


A-EEM produces a range of outputs including:

• Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions projections
• Power generation and pricing projections
• Industrial production projections
• Supply and demand for carbon credits
• Credit export and import dynamics
• Marginal abatement cost (MAC) curves (etc.)

The A-EEM model is fully customisable and flexible to fit a range of policy and market design parameters, including Emissions Trading Schemes or baseline and credit frameworks, linear or non-linear caps and decay rates, or individual sector policies. The A-EEM model is economy wide, covering emissions from all sectors of the Australian economy, with granularity to sub-industry and activity level. Policy coverage extends to energy and climate instruments at the state and federal level.

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